1. Invitation
The National Chess Federation of the Philippines has the honor to invite all Asian National Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE to participate in the 2011 Asian Youth Chess Championships for under-8, under-10, under-12, under-14, under- 16 and under-18) from 14th (arrival) to 22nd May (departure) 2011 in Subic Freeport, Olongapo City, Philippines

2. Participation
2.1 Each National Federation can enter one (1) player in each of the Under 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 (Boys & Girls) categories, totaling a maximum of ten (10) invited Players.
2.2 Medal winners of previous championships according to FIDE Rules will also have personal right and will be accepted as official players.
2.3 At most two (2) additional (extra) players per category from one national Federation can also be registered. Under-8 participants shall also be considered as additional (extra) players.
2.4 The Organizing Committee shall have an additional player per category and shall hold a player in reserve to make an even number of participants if necessary.

3. Registration
3.1 Federations should inform the Organizing Committee by 14th March 2011 of the number of participants in order to ascertain number of hotel rooms required. Entry forms must be filled by the National Federations and returned to the organizer not later than 14th April 2011. This date is the registration deadline. Late registration shall bear a $50 fine.
3.2 The complete registration form must include the surname, first name, FIDE ID number, FIDE rating and title, and passport number of each player and each accompanying person. It must also include the name, telephone, fax number and email of the Delegation chief and of the federation official in charge.
3.3 A digital scan of the passport and ID photo of each player and each accompanying person must be sent by email to the Organizing Committee.
3.4 All travel expenses must be paid by the participants or their National Federation.
3.5 Every player (invited, extra or by personal right) and every accompanying person has to pay to the organizers the amount of US $100 Participation Fee upon arrival to the tournament organizer.
3.6 The above amount of US$ 100 includes accreditation and bus transport from the airport to the official hotel- Airport (on 14th and 22nd of May).
3.7 Players will not be paired until all payments of their federation have been fulfilled,
3.8 Players will not be paired if they are not accredited in Subic at least one hour before the Technical Meeting.

4. Entry Fees
4.1 In accordance with FIDE regulations an entry fee of US$75 is required for each invited player. Their National Federation must pay this amount to the Organizing Committee.
4.2 For each additional (extra) player, an entry fee of US$150 is required. Their National Federation must also pay this amount directly to the Organizer.

5. Hotel Accommodation
5.1 All players and accompanying persons should be registered through the organizers at the designated official hotel.
5.2 Free board and lodging will be provided to the invited players as well as to one (1) official per federation from noon of 14th May to noon of 22nd May. The Organizers shall accommodate 2 or 3 invited participants in shared rooms.
5.3 All participants and all accompanying persons are obliged to lodge at the Official Hotel. The playing hall is conveniently in the Official Hotel.
5.4 Hotel payments for all extra players and accompanying persons must be made in advance on arrival in Subic.
5.5 Cost for full board and lodging (with breakfast, lunch & dinner) for additional (Extra) players and accompanying persons:
a. In triple normal rooms: US$ 55 per person per day.
b. In double normal rooms: US$ 68 per person per day.
c. In single normal room: US$90 per person per day

6. Format

6.1 Standard Chess
The Championships will be played according to the Swiss System of 7 or 9 Rounds, depending on the number of participants in the category: for 16 or less 7 rounds and for more 9 round Swiss system. Time control is 90 minutes for the whole game with 30 second increments per move from move 1. In the last round, where possible, players from the same country who have more than 50% shall not be paired together.

6.2 Blitz Chess
The tournament shall be a 7 round Swiss. Time control is 3 minutes per player with increment of 2 seconds per move from move 1.